Car Insurance Policy

Turner Insurance News   •   June 28, 2017

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We offer the best car insurance policies for clients all over Spain, we do not aim to be the cheapest car insurer in the market, we aim to be the best and have competitive premiums to match, our policies are some of the most complete car insurance policies available in Spain.

Car Insurance in Spain

  • Protected No Claims

  • Courtesy Car up to 45 days

  • Full breakdown cover

  • Can us UK and EU No Claims Bonus

If you are unfortunate and you are involved in a car accident in Spain, even if you are not injured, there are certain things that you should do. If no one is injured you can proceed to fill out the European accident form, this document has a carbon copy and you should also have 2 copies of this with the policy documentation we send you, an original in Spanish and a translation copy in English so you can read what you are filling out and signing, each party takes a copy of this form and sends it to their insurer.