Do you need medical insurance in Spain for a non-lucrative Visa or Residency?

Turner Insurance News   •   Nov 1st, 2020

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If you are moving to Spain to live for an extended period, you will be required to obtain residency if you are a non-EU citizen, it is called a non-lucrative Visa. If you are an EU national it is called Residency Permit. To be able to obtain either of these you will have to provide various documents, one of these is a certificate from a Spanish insurer confirming you have full health insurance cover. We specialise in all types of insurance in Spain and can assist you with the documents the government require to prove you have health insurance cover, we do not get involved in the actual residency application though. You can get more in-depth information in the office about the full application at the Ministry of Interiors website here you can swap it into English, however, it does not seem to be the easiest site to navigate.

How can we help?

We work with DKV, once of Spain’s best health insurers and have various health insurance policies that would allow you to obtain the certificate required for a non-lucrative Visa or residency, we can offer cover just in Spain and both in Spain and worldwide reimbursement cover with free choice of GP´s and clinics and various levels of cover outside their extensive network in Spain, if you fill out one of our quote forms here, let us know what you are looking for, we can get back to you with prices so we can match a policy that suits your needs and budget. The policies we offer are very complete, you can comfortably take out cover with us and relax in the sun knowing you have a very complete policy. Ask us for our comparison chart so you can see how DKV´s cover compares to the rest. All policies that would entitle you to the certificate you need have to be issued by a Spanish health insurer, they must have annual payments, the policy must not have any co-payments either. We are currently issuing many of these certificates each week, Brexit is making the Brits rush their residencies through also. The certificate is the same for EU, British and non-EU citizens. The policy can be issued with your passport number also if you do not have a Spanish fiscal number (N.I.F.) yet. The insurer may ask for a scanned copy of your passport if we use your passport number for the insurance policy.

Whats is it going to cost?

Unfortunately, the policies without co-payments are the most expensive, we do have a special 36% discount that runs for 6 years on the policies giving cover in Spain only, so it reduces the cost substantially. This makes DKV´s policy very competitively priced. This discount should still be available throughout 2020 and 2021 as far as we are aware, it is removed by 6% each year, so there is a slight increase on renewal They are normally considered an expensive insurer due to the levels of cover included in the policy, you get what you pay for let’s face it. I think health insurance is something everyone should spend time to see what they are signing up for, try and forget the price when you do your analyses. If you want cover for the next few years you want to be looked after when you need it. Now you just need the certificate, however, what happens in a few years if you need serious treatment. A health policy tends to be for life also due to the exclusion of pre-existing conditions. Once you have obtained your residency or non-lucrative Visa, you can swap on renewal and add a small co-payment to reduce the cost of the insurance if you wish, keep in touch and let us know your needs and we can advise accordingly. Premiums vary based on age and geographical location. We will just need your date of birth and postcode in Spain to give you some prices. We do recommend you spend time looking into the cover we give on our polices are they are about the best in Spain, have a look at the cover we offer here.

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Are pre-existing health conditions a problem?

Pre-existing health conditions are something to consider, unfortunately, for all health insurance policies in Spain that will issue the certificate, you will need to complete a health declaration. You will be asked about your pre-existing conditions, under no circumstances will an insurer cover serious pre-existing health conditions in Spain, once you declare your condition, the insurer will either agree to offer cover for you excluding any treatment for this pre-existing condition or refuse to offer cover for you at all, in most cases, they ask for a recent medical report so their doctors can examine the risk. This is private health insurance, so you need to be aware of this. Minor conditions may be overlooked by the insurer, however, you are obligated to be honest in your declaration, with our policies there is a clause stating the insurer will never cancel your policy after the third year, without this clause you could be faced with the insurer cancelling the policy on renewal if you needed treatment for cancer or something serious. However, if you have not been honest on your health declaration, it can be grounds for an insurer to cancel any type of insurance policy in Spain at any stage. Let us know about your situation and we can see if we can help at all.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have, our health insurance specialists will go through your requirements and see if we can help.