Exciting Highlights from the 2023 Club Championship: A Recap of Thrilling Matches and Victorious Moments

Turner Insurance News   •   February 26 , 2024

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EExciting Highlights from the 2023 Club Championship: A Recap of Thrilling Matches and Victorious Moments

The Club Championship journey kicked off in early November 2023, featuring thrilling contests in Men’s & Ladies’ Singles, Mixed Pairs, and Mixed Triples held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Competitors battled it out, advancing through rounds until the competition culminated on January 29th and 30th, unveiling the hard-fought finalists.

In the Triples Final, Dudley & Carol Davies, alongside Mick Gilbey, faced off against Bill and Maureen Barry with Dee Hamilton. Despite a strong start from Bill’s team, Dudley’s team shifted gears on the 4th end, eventually securing victory despite a tense 17th end, showcasing skill and determination.

The Pairs Final the next morning saw an intense showdown between Bill & Maureen and Christina Harris & Greg Sperring. With both teams showcasing superb bowling, the match stretched to the 17th end tied at 17-17. In a nail-biting finish, last year’s defending champions, Greg & Christina, clinched the title with three shots in hand.

The Men’s and Ladies’ Singles matches provided afternoon entertainment as Christina Harris and Dee Hamilton delivered impressive performances. Dee successfully defended her title against Christina, showcasing exceptional skill and securing the trophy.

In the Men’s Singles final, Dudley Davies faced off against David Gardiner in a gripping battle. Although Dudley initially led comfortably, David narrowed the gap, keeping supporters on the edge of their seats until Dudley reached the magic score of 21, securing victory in a thrilling match.

Special thanks go to Nige Thomas for his efforts in organizing this year’s Javea Green Club Championships, as well as our sponsors Turners Insurance for their generous support. We also extend our gratitude to the Calpe Tennis Club bar and restaurant for keeping us nourished and hydrated throughout the event.

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