June 2017

Any exclusion period?

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It is the period of time from the start of the policy during which certain covers are not in force. You can check the exclusion periods in the general conditions or by contacting your agents [...]

Pre-existing Conditions?

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A pre-existing condition is a health condition (for example, pregnancy), that exists before the contract is issued, regardless of the fact that the condition has been diagnosed by a doctor. Unless stated otherwise on the [...]

Request A Home Visit?

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When, due to the state of the patient, transfer to a surgery or a hospital centre is impossible. Visits by a nurse can also be to the home if prescribed by a doctor from the [...]

Pay Monthly?

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The term of the contract established in the policy is annual and extendible, but the payment of the premium may be broken down, with a small surcharge, into monthly, quarterly, or six monthly payments.

Same Every Month?

By |2019-07-16T11:08:34+00:00June 5th, 2017||

No. Some months you will also receive the charge for co-payments for the medical services received if you have a chosen a policy with co-payments included.

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