How COVID-19 Has Affected Health Insurance for UK Expatriates in Spain

Turner Insurance News   •   May 1, 2021

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S pain’s healthcare systems rank among the best in the world. The exemplary state healthcare remains stable even after the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe. Still, most UK expatriates opt for private health insurance.

Why so? Private insurance enables one to access specialists faster. Some of these include translation services, which is a huge plus for expats. These services remain unaltered despite the pandemic.

Most private covers take care of conditions that are not covered by state insurance, for instance, dental care. The restricted foreign travel means that UK expats in Spain has to rely on health insurance provided by the Spanish government and private insurers.

COVID-19 and Health Insurance in Spain

We all thought COVID-19 was passing wind, didn’t we? Scores of months later all over the globe, each sector has had its share of re-adjusting to do. While the pandemic overwhelmed the state, the private health insurers made sure they prioritized their clients.

According to a research report by Deloitte, insurers were among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they were also the quickest to respond to the crisis and ensure stability.

How Private Insurers Assist Expats

Since the pandemic struck, the large number of expats living in Spain have been relying on private health insurance. This is because most of them are not eligible for the public care cover or are frustrated with bureaucratic processes and long waiting times.

By finding new medium and long-term solutions for accelerating healthcare covers for expatriates, health insurers have managed to assist people access medical cover easily and affordably.  COVID-19 pushed International health insurers to think beyond their usual daily medical needs.  Most insurers have expanded their covers to include emergency treatments related to COVID-19.

Whether it’s a private medical policy or an international health insurance policy, full disclosure of terms and conditions, timely service, and open, consistent communication characterize the insurance cover. By maintaining a high-end customer experience, Turner Insurance has been able to reach out to several UK expats.

While Spain’s public health insurance cover also serves people traveling to countries within the EU, many people find the usual government procedures and restrictions too much to bear. People prefer seeking medical cover at competitive premiums from private insurers in Spain as the process is much easier and faster.

If you are a UK expat in Spain, contact us at Turner Insurance for more details on the benefits of a private cover and how it can benefit you in COVID-19 era.