Which insurance in Spain is required by the Law?

Turner Insurance News   •   June 04, 2021

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It is important to know the insurance cover that you should purchase when you relocate to Spain. This information helps in completing the necessary paperwork to stay and work in the country.

The local law in Spain requires every car owner to have a minimum level car insurance, a third-party insurance cover, known as Seguro a terceroso de responsabilidad civil obligatoria. This policy is meant to cover damages to third parties, theft and fire. The third parties, in this case, refer to the driver and passengers in the car with which you collided. It also includes passengers in your car that are not members of the insured family. The cover compensates any pedestrians injured in the accident.

The maximum indemnity for third-party insurance cover is between €336,566.78 and €96, 161.94 per victim. Note that the amount awarded depends on the circumstances of the accident.  In case of personal injury, the party at fault is not obliged to pay for injuries if he or she can prove that the injuries resulted from negligence on the part of the injured party. (force majeure).

However, this car insurance cover does not cover the personal injury of the party who takes the cover and the damages to the insured vehicle. It does not cover the driver and the property of the person who took the cover, along with his or her relatives. We recommend that you take extra cover for yourself and your family members.  You can also take a comprehensive cover. It covers all the damages and injuries, including those covered in third-party insurance. You should insure RVs, scooters, motorbikes, planes and boats.

Turner Insurance offers quality insurance products such as car, home, health, funeral and life insurance to expats living in Spain.  If you recently settled in Spain or need help when selecting a cover, we can help. Contact us for a free quote and consultation.